ErisTerminal™ SIP High End Feature Deskset

Supports 6 SIP lines/accounts with 16 keys and 32 programmable functions and the built-in DECT allows pairing with a DECT wireless handset (VSP601A) and/or a DECT headset (VSP500A)
  • Dual Ethernet ports, GigE
  • PoE support (AC adapter optional)
  • Micro SD card slot
  • 3-year warranty
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Key Features
  • Advanced call handling
    Impress customers with comprehensive call handling features that are compatible with hosted and open-source PBX platforms.**
  • Flexibility
    With support for up to six SIP lines/accounts, you can manage multiple calls with advanced call handling features.
  • Intuitive design
    You're in business with a user-friendly interface, large backlit display, navigational pad and four soft keys.
  • One-button call routing
    Program up to 16 dual-function feature keys for convenient access, including shared call appearances (SCA), busy lamp fields (BLF), quick dial and feature codes.
  • Full-duplex speakerphone
    Finally, a speakerphone that can keep up with your calls. Increase participation by allowing parties on both ends to speak and be heard—at the same time—for conversations that are more true to life.
  • HD voice quality
    With G.722 wideband codec support for HD audio, calls have never sounded so rich and life-like.
  • Cordless convenience
    Thanks to the built-in DECT radio, you can pair a compatible VTech cordless headset and/or handset for hands-free mobility and super-clear sound quality.
  • Call recording with micro SD card slot
    Save calls right to your deskset using a micro SD card (sold separately) in the built-in port. Then enjoy free, easy access to recordings you can review later for missed details or quality assurance.
  • Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet
    Built-in support to enable seamless migration to GigE-based network infrastructure.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
    With PoE support, you can locate the phones anywhere that's convenient—no AC outlets or complicated wiring required.
  • Installation and Provisioning
    Integrated IEEE 802.3at PoE enables efficient deployment. Supports FTP, TFTP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols for file provisioning. Model is configured by default to use Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP), supports AES encrypted configuration file.
  • Three-year warranty
    Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an industry-leading, standard three-year warranty. VTech also provides advanced replacement on warranty claims using new, not refurbished products.
NOTE: Features and functionality may vary, depending on SIP service provider and/or SIP phone system platform.
  • DECT RF module embedded
  • DECT (maximum register): 1 cordless headset VSP500A and/or 1 cordless handset VSP601A
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Dual Ethernet ports - GigE
  • Base power: Class 3 Power over Ethernet (PoE) or optional AC adapter
Display, Keys and Indicators
  • 206 x 128 pixels (w x h) LCD resolution
  • LCD backlighting (white)
  • 4 soft keys
  • 18 dedicated feature keys
  • 32 programmable feature keys (2 pages x 16)
  • 4-way navigational pad
  • Message waiting LED indicator
  • Full-duplex base speakerphone
  • HAC receiver
  • 2.5 mm corded headset jack
  • HD Voice for receiver
Phone Features
  • Supports up to 6 SIP account registrations
  • Local phonebook up to 1000 entries
  • Phonebook import/export
  • LDAP/BroadSoft remote phonebook
  • Call history up to 200 entries
  • Shared Call Appearance (SCA)/Bridged-Line Appearance (BLA)
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
  • 3-way local conference
  • N-way network conference
  • Call barring/blocking (block anonymous/blacklist)
  • Dial plan/digit map
  • Hotline
  • Intercom
  • Mute
  • Redial
  • 10 speed dial entries
  • Local call recording with Micro SD card slot
  • Call transfer: blind/attended
  • Call hold
  • Call park
  • Call pickup
  • Call forwarding: per-line basis (busy/always/no answer)
  • Call restriction
  • Call timer (call duration)
  • Caller ID
  • Call completion
  • Phonebook matching(incoming and outgoing calls)
  • Multicast paging
  • Multi-language support
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Soft key configuration
  • Programmable hard keys
  • Custom startup and idle logo
  • Web interface configuration (admin & user)
  • Custom base ringer (.WAV)
  • XML Browser
  • Action URI
  • Active URL (CTI support)
  • Custom default file
SD Card Features
  • Local call recording
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • 802.1x
  • 802.1pq
  • Phone lock - restricted config, calls and emergency call only
  • Mutual authentication (server and client)
  • Certificate management (device & applications)
  • AES encryption of config file for provisioning (128 / 64 / 32 / 16 bits)
  • IPv4 or IPv6 with DHCP/Static/PPPoE
  • STUN
  • NAT
  • SNTP
  • VLAN
  • DNS override
  • Failover support and server redundancy
  • Layer 3 QoS (ToS, Diffserv)
  • G.711 a-law & u-law
  • G.722
  • G.726
  • G.729
  • iLBC
  • DHCP options: 66, 159, 160
  • TR-069
  • PnP
  • Diagnostic: pcap trace and port mirroring
  • Software Update Over the Air (SUOTA)
  • Schedule Resync - time and day setting
  • Syslog
  • Broadsoft┬« Broadworks
  • Asterisk-based platforms
  • Optional AC adapter: VSP-ADPT02
  • 3-year warranty
  • Warranty claims managed with new, advance replacement units

*Compatible with Broadsoft®and Asterisk-based platforms.